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Infographic: Why Technology Is Essential For TV Advertising

Josh Brentan
Josh Brentan
Published: Apr. 04, 2018

In 1990, each TV watching household received an average of 27 networks. Today, the average number of channels received is almost 200, with about 150 of them being ad supported. Between 2011 and 2016, the average rating on broadcast and top 20 cable networks fell by about 23%. Over the same period, emerging networks (those with a rating of 0.1 or less) saw their ratings go up by an average of 21%.

These numbers back up what we already intuitively know, which is that TV viewers have more options than ever before, and as a result, it has become harder for brands to reach their target audience on TV. But how hard is it, really? You might be surprised.

We created the infographic below to demonstrate how fragmentation has put advertisers in an almost impossible situation. With audiences stretched so thinly across so many networks, it’s no longer enough for a brand to choose the spots they think will reach more of their target. In order to drive the best results, they need to know for sure—and that requires technology.

Have you adapted your TV planning and buying strategy to take advantage of technologies that can make your brand successful in this new paradigm? If you’d like to learn about how our software platform can help you reach more of your target audience on TV, just drop us a line.

Image of Why Technology Is Essential for TV Advertising infographic.

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