Reach Gamers at Scale

Giving marketers the ability to reach hard to find audiences through premium video ads in Console and PC games.

In-Game Video Advertising on the Big Screen

Connect your brand with engaged gamers without sponsorship packages or deep integrations.

Player-Centric Ad Formats

Ensure high ad viewability and brand engagement with our reward-based and in-game broadcast ad formats.

Full Transparency

Advertise exclusively with leading game publishers, and enjoy transparency into the titles where your ads will run.

Integrated Cross-Media

Plan your linear and CTV budgets to leverage the massive scale of both TV and video game audiences. Monitor performance of all video media on a unified platform.

Gamers Want Rewarded Ads

Players like getting free rewards and content. By providing accretive content in exchange for an ad view, advertisers can expect to reach a highly engaged audience.


Percentage of Console and PC gamers who want the option to watch ads in exchange for in-game rewards


Average number of ads per day that players are willing to watch in exchange for in-game rewards


Percentage of gamers that agreed watching rewarded video ads allowed them to play the game title longer

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