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TV+® Streaming Self-Service makes CTV advertising accessible to brands of all sizes

Are you looking to confidently promote your business on major streaming apps, smart TVs, and gaming consoles? Simulmedia's TV+® Streaming self-service advertising platform is the solution you need. Our platform provides reliable audience targeting to help you reach your growth objectives.

Getting on CTV has never been easier -- just tell TV+ Streaming your budget, campaign details, targeting criteria, and preferred publishers, then upload your creative, and you're done. You'll be getting your brand in front of millions of CTV viewers nationally in no time. Plus, you'll get maximum return on your TV ad spend with the help of our patented TV viewership forecasting technology.

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What can you expect from TV+® Streaming self-service?

An Intuitive Interface

Create, track, and optimize campaigns in real-time – driving measurable results and improving your return on ad spend.

Industry-Leading Technology

Rely on our deep TV industry knowledge and powerful viewership forecasting technology.

No Minimum Budgets

Affordably advertise across hundreds of premium, brand-safe streaming apps and platforms.

Reach Your Unique Audience

Reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time as they move across screens, devices, and platforms.

Flexibility in Your Hands

Launch and modify campaigns in minutes and choose to advertise your brand nationally or locally. TV+® Streaming has you covered.

Real-time Audience Estimation

Make the best of your budget with our data-driven audience-targeting capabilities. Strategically plan how to conduct your campaign.

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Drive the performance metrics that matter most to your business

Align your streaming campaign performance with your most important business objectives, and focus your ad spend on the approaches that deliver the best outcomes for your brand. Leverage TV+ or our partnerships with leading independent measurement partners to measure incremental reach, brand lift, web visitors, app installs, and sales.

TV+ is Trusted by 100+ Top Brands

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