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Media Agencies and Marketers: The Growing Role of Generalists, Data Fluency and Performance

Join us on Thursday, May 18th, for our Simulmedia Salon Series featuring industry leaders Gordon Ho, CMO and Strategy Lead at The Xpertainment Group, Princess Cruises and The Walt Disney Company, and David Gaines, CEO & Founder of Media by Mother. Discover how the role of the marketer and the media agency has evolved over the past decade — namely due to the growing demand for generalists that understand data and the drivers of business outcomes.

The panel will end with a Q&A discussion with Simulmedia CEO Dave Morgan and ample opportunities for networking. Don't miss out on this chance to engage with industry leaders and gain valuable insights!

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David Gaines, CEO & Founder of Media by Mother

David Gaines

CEO & Founder of Media by Mother

David is the CEO and founder of Media by Mother. As a media and digital strategy professional, David has worked all over the world, from Australia and Asia to Europe and the U.S. His previous experience spans across FMCG, tech, automotive and retail sectors in various capacities, and prior to moving to New York, he served as CEO of Maxus Australia from 2009-2012.

Gordon Ho

Gordon Ho

CMO and Strategy Lead at Xpertainment, Princess Cruises and Disney

Gordon Ho is founder & President of the Xpertainment group (Xpertainment.Com), a consultancy applying his unique intersection of experience development and marketing. He recently served as the global Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Sales at Princess Cruises, the 3rd largest cruise line in the world, as well as the EVP at Disney Studios.