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Game Developers

Deepen Player Engagement and Retention for Console and PC Games

PlayerWON™ is only platform that enhances and enriches the playing experience for gamers while driving lifetime value and in-game spending via opt-in, high-quality sponsored video.

Encourage Engagement While Rewarding Your Players

PlayerWON®is the first engagement and monetization platform for free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games that lets players earn valuable rewards in exchange for watching premium brand-sponsored videos.

Gamers in Control

Protect the integrity of your game by letting players choose to unlock cool in-game rewards by watching sponsored videos during downtime.

Reduce Churn

The PlayerWON experience expands loyalty, maintains your monthly active users and reduces churn while creating a new passive revenue stream.

Ensure Quality

Sponsored videos feature premium, fully immersive creative from reputable and relevant brands, with each approved by you before running.

The Experience

We bring entertaining, full-screen sponsored brand video to free-to-play (F2P) console and PC games that complements - not competes with - gameplay.

Increase Engagement, Retention and Monetization

With over 90%+ of F2P players not spending on in-game transactions and season passes, opt-in sponsored videos present a huge untapped revenue opportunity for developers and publishers.

Easy-to-Integrate API

PlayerWON's lightweight ad library does not consume any virtual or physical memory, resulting in hassle-free implementation for your team—no proprietary SDK needed.

86 %Agreed that watching rewarded videos caused them to play longer
76 %Want the option to watch sponsored videos in exchange for in-game rewards
6 +Avg. number of sponsored videos per day that players are willing to watch

Gamers Love Being Rewarded For Their Attention

Our studies reveal that when developers implement rewarded sponsored video, player engagement and sentiment increases — as does purchase intent.

Positive Feedback from Real Players

“I’d happily binge ads when I’m waiting for friends to get online... Or in between rounds in [SMITE] tourneys.”

Discord user

“This all sounds great to me! I think it’s nice that you get some free stuff just by watching!”

Twitter user

“Honestly a pretty great idea and supports F2P if kept optional.”

Reddit User

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