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Reach the Right People to Drive Viewership

Simulmedia fuses time-proven, data-driven insights and machine intelligence to identify the audiences most likely to tune in no matter where they’re watching now.

Combat Fragmentation and Increase Demand

Left unchecked, audience fragmentation can drive down campaign reach and increase frequency to excessive levels. That’s why Simulmedia created TV+®, the most powerful technology in the industry for neutralizing this risk and finding your target audience whenever and wherever they’re watching.

Plans Built to Perform

Simulmedia uses predictive calculations to source and market video ads to high-intent audiences across digital and traditional platforms based on behavioral data gained over 10+ years of traditional TV campaigns.

Automated Execution

More than 120 cable and broadcast networks are plugged directly into our ad platform, and we rely on precise automation, not one-off negotiations, to get your message on-air in as few as four days—all while keeping your strategic goals top-of-mind.

Insight-Led Optimization

Our reporting dashboard displays campaign insights in near-real time so you can see the direct correlations between performance, actions taken, ad spend and our technology’s suggestions for future iterations to make quick optimizations while keeping your campaigns lean.

Data at Your Finger Tips to Build the Most Relevant Audience

Depending on your campaign objective, utilize different data sets to ensure you're reaching the most impactful target audience.

Target viewers of similar shows and networks by genre.

Use first-party app data to target subscribers and audience segments that look like your subscribers.

Build lookalike audiences from visitors of your digital properties and target across linear TV and CTV.

Target viewers watching other shows and networks during your time slot.

Target past season viewers or lapsed viewers who skip a season to bring them back.

Bring back viewers by layering on previous episode viewers to your target.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Driving Viewership for Any Category

Simulmedia provides the ideal solution to optimize your spend by applying it to new targets, increasing unduplicated reach, or by activating other channels such as CTV or Video Games for more effective and efficient campaigns.


Acquire and Retain Viewers Week-over-Week

As a TV marketer, you need to drive viewership all year long. And more importantly, you want to prove the impact of your tune-in campaigns. Simulmedia offers targeted TV ad campaigns to help TV networks drive viewers to their programming.

  • We analyze TV viewing data to predict future viewing patterns, and reach those most likely to tune in with promos placed across TV landscape.
  • We close the loop by showing who ultimately tuned in after being exposed to an ad, and what the cost-per-converted viewer was.


Drive Subscriptions and Viewership to Your Platform

With the streaming wars well underway, there is more competition than ever to drive visitors and subscribers to your streaming site and app. Simulmedia can efficiently convert subscribers by reaching viewers actually likely to subscribe based on their digital activity.

  • Simulmedia can efficiently convert subscribers by reaching viewers more likely to subscribe based on their linear and digital activity.
  • Get access to TV viewership insights on linear, website, and app activity to build a lookalike audience target.


Reach the Right People to Increase Ticket Sales

There’s intense pressure on theatrical campaigns to cost-efficiently reach audiences on TV with a high propensity to convert and generate strong box office results. Simulmedia brings an audience-based, data-driven approach to find your potential moviegoers across linear TV, connected TV and games.

  • Go beyond age/gender with targeting based on past movie viewership, 1st party data and more.
  • Offline attribution solution partnerships help studios learn what’s working on TV, scale performance and measure return on ad spend.

Whatever Your Tune-In Tactic, We Have You Covered

Simulmedia enables tune-in marketers to leverage TV and video advertising to support a wide range of campaign tactics.

Early Awareness

Create buzz, sample creative, and drive incremental viewers.


Efficiently bolster unique reach days prior to your premiere.


Retarget previous episode(s) viewers for upcoming episodes and reminds viewers to catch up on previous episodes through your streaming app.

Ready to take the next step toward getting the audience your programming deserves?