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Clifford Thifault

VP, Finance - Controller

By Day

Clifford Thifault is Vice President, Finance - Controller at Simulmedia. He joined the company in 2021 with an industry background that includes advertising agency, talent representation and public accounting experience.

Clifford started his career at IPG (Hill Holliday), and has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accounting. He is a certified public accountant.

By Night

All-time favorite TV show: In Living Color

TV show more people should watch: Impractical Jokers

All-time favorite video games: Double Dribble, NHL ‘94, Super Mario Bros. 3, Madden NFL, FIFA

Favorite snack when watching TV or out at the movies: Peanut M&Ms and Smartfood

By the Way…

Charities more people should know about: Toys for Tots NYC

Favorite hobbies: Soccer, golf, racquetball

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