Kyle Hubert

Chief Technology Officer

By Day

Kyle Hubert is Chief Technology Officer at Simulmedia. He assumed this position in January 2018, having previously served as Chief Scientist, Director of Engineering R&D, and Principal Data Architect, working to bring cutting edge methodologies to TV advertising. He focuses on scalable architecture and innovative modeling for the company’s growing needs. Kyle joined Simulmedia from Cray, Inc. where he had been a Software Engineer since 2003. There he worked on custom tech used for Massively Parallel Processing applications in the High Performance Computing domain, running in many top super computers in the world. Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from SUNY at Oswego (NY).

By Night

All-time favorite TV show: Black Mirror

TV show more people should watch: Gravity Falls

All-time favorite video game: As my children say, there are too many awesome games to name favorites (though Minecraft would be among them)

Favorite snack when watching TV or out at the movies: Popcorn and Hi-C

By the Way…

Charities more people should know about: Khan Academy and CodeCombat

The skills or interests I have that might surprise people: Cooking, eating, drinking, acting, playing, and living!

Favorite hobbies: Programming

Greatest personal accomplishment: Raising a family in New York City.

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