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What is retargeting?

Retargeting is the act of serving an ad to a user who has already engaged with one of your previous ads. Retargeting is the primary method of increasing frequency or achieving good frequency in scaling a campaign. Through retargeting, advertisers can nurture loyalty and improve brand sentiment, improving the longevity and quality of the user’s engagement with the brand.

What is CTV Retargeting?

One example of retargeting is with connected TV (CTV). If an ad-supported (or AVOD) streaming platform, such as Hulu for example, runs an advertisement that the consumer can opt-out of viewing, but instead chooses to watch, that consumer can be added to a retargeting campaign, since they’ve shown previous interest.

Many advertisers choose to partner with a trusted TV buying platform or demand-side platform (DSP) to retarget audiences. These platforms have relationships with data providers and networks that can track and measure audience engagement ad-over-ad. Equipped with this data, retargeting lists can be programmatically defined and ads can be programmatically served to hundreds of users, moving the campaign along with efficiency and quickly pushing it to scale.

Retargeting is the primary method for increasing frequency. In addition, by looking at the demographic information of users who have engaged or repeatedly engage with an ad, an advertiser can create a lookalike audience to build out a new audience target. Thus, data gathered for retargeting is also highly useful for building out a campaign and extending reach to a wider audience, this time equipped with more insight as to who is likely to engage and, hopefully, convert.

There are endless possibilities in terms of the data that is gathered to retarget or to build a new audience from, with the right buying platform and data partner to extract this information.

Retargeting is the basis of taking a campaign to scale with an increased frequency approach. By harnessing Simulmedia’s proprietary data-aggregating technology, advertisers can look at the who, what, where, when and why of engagement with a television campaign, and retarget audiences who have proven to be highly engaged with your brand. This strengthens brand awareness and improves customer loyalty as the user begins the journey from new prospect to paying customer.

With our TV+® platform for cross-channel TV planning and buying, Simulmedia takes a holistic, 360-degree approach when retargeting customers in a way that is cost-efficient in going to scale, or beginning a new campaign. Our cross channel ad platform and methodology considers every variable: from creative to TV network placement to program placement across both linear TV and CTV. We examine which factors contributed to the highest engagement, and with whom.

We then weigh the benefits of increasing reach versus frequency in your campaign. If your audience base consists of a select number of highly engaged customers, retargeting could be perfect for a new product release or  time-limited sale that demands immediate conversion for successful sales. By working with Simulmedia over time, historical data on campaign performance and audience engagement builds a portfolio of data that can make your next retargeting campaign more fruitful and well-informed.