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OTT (Over The Top)

What is OTT advertising?

Over the Top, or OTT, advertising involves streaming video content over the internet. This differs from traditional video distribution channels, such as linear TV, which streams through cable or wireless carriers, among other methods.

OTT sometimes uses a box set – also known as OTT devices – that connects to a regular display. OTT devices come in several forms: they can dually serve as game consoles, such as Xbox does; they can operate using OTT boxes with specialized remotes, such as Roku TV does; or they are managed purely virtually through a Smart TV connected to the internet, such as Hulu and Netflix do. Today, there are hundreds of OTT streaming services offering entertaining video content to audiences.

Is Connected TV the same as OTT?

OTT advertising is now most often used to refer to premium television content available from streaming services. Connected TV (CTV), which is sometimes used synonymously with OTT, refers to devices such as Smart TVs and gaming consoles, through which OTT content can be streamed. OTT is the method for delivering video content, while CTV is the device on which a viewer sees that content. OTT advertising & marketing has widened the scope of possibilities for brands in recent years.

With our TV+® platform, Simulmedia can help brands reach viewers across both linear and CTV with unmatched certainty, efficiency and guaranteed scale. By taking a cross-channel approach to audience segmentation, targeting, ad placement and campaign measurement, no relevant audience is left unreached. This data-driven cross-channel approach is imperative to optimizing your campaign, as CTV and OTT streaming are being used at least 80 minutes per day on average by U.S. consumers, according to a 2021 study by eMarketer.

While there is significant overlap between CTV and linear TV viewers, some viewers can only be reached on CTV. CTV is growing at a quickening pace, so including it in your ad campaign plan is highly recommended for optimal results. CTV offers the promise of a rapidly expanding audience, cumulative cross-channel impressions, digital measurement and tracking, and access to emerging, younger viewers who may be unreachable elsewhere.

We work with you to predict and test your ad campaign across CTV channels, pivoting your campaign as the results roll in. Since CTV is CPM-based, it does not require as big of a budget to test and learn. This provides a wealth of opportunity to enter into the CTV market at low risk. With continued commitment to breaking into this audience-rich space, your ad budget spend can increase to generate even greater clarity, accuracy and results.