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Reach Your Audiences Across Both Linear and CTV with TV+®

Simulmedia is the largest independent TV buying platform for advertisers that want to reach audiences at scale wherever they are watching or streaming. With our proprietary TV+® platform, we provide automated planning, buying, activation and measurement that guarantees full audience reach across ad-supported channels on both linear and connected TV in the United States.

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Solving for Fragmentation

With the sheer volume of TV content, channels and consumption at record levels, audience fragmentation is more extreme than ever. TV+® tackles this problem by providing seamless access to over 300 million viewers in the U.S. across 120 million households through integrations and partnerships with 250 broadcast, cable and streaming platforms and publishers. And with over 60 million U.S. households regularly viewing both linear and streaming, TV+® can identify that overlap and prevent wasteful and expensive audience duplication for brands and their advertising campaigns.

Create the Optimal Cross-Channel TV Media Plan

You have over 1,400,200 possible spots to choose from if you’re planning a two-week campaign. With TV+®, Simulmedia brings technology and data science to cross-channel TV to calculate the optimal media plan based on your desired results in seconds -- all while eliminating complexity and friction.

  • Our TV+® platform considers audience behaviors and linear and CTV inventory-supply dynamics and parameters like budget, timeframe and network restrictions to recommend the single best plan for your goals
  • TV+® generates the ideal linear/CTV split across your campaign budget to reach your audience target most cost-effectively
  • We take the guesswork out of media planning by forecasting where and when your audience will be watching or streaming

Guaranteed Delivery and Speed

In an era of rapid and unexpected changes for businesses and their customers, Simulmedia’s extensive network relationships, agreements, and automated processes also provide the assurance of guaranteed impression delivery across premium inventory through TV+®.

This allows TV advertisers to be more proactive and nimbler in their strategies based on market conditions and other unforeseen needs, and to get their campaigns live in a matter of days or even hours, whereas other solutions can take weeks or months.

Cross-Channel Viewership Insights You Can Trust

TV+® also provides advertisers with real-time reporting at an extremely granular level: by network/publisher, program, daypart and day of the week on linear and CTV. And we've partnered with leading third-party TV data, inventory, and measurement providers to give advertisers complete transparency into all key performance metrics for both in-flight and completed TV campaigns. Unlike so many others, we don’t grade our own homework.

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