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Q4 TV Advertising Unwrapped: Your Guide to a Successful 2022 Holiday Season

With the daily disruption of the worldwide pandemic having finally subsided, this Q4 holiday season is gearing up to be a big opportunity for both existing and emerging brands to grab consumer attention and dollars. Trends showed that remote living led to online and retail spending gaining considerable ground year over year during the pandemic. According to the Adobe Digital Economy Index, there was $218.53 billion in ecommerce sales in the pandemic’s first two years – and predictions say this surge in online and retail spending is expected to continue now that daily living has resumed to normal.

While inflationary pressures have forced consumers to cut back on spending as economists predict a recession in coming months, analysts say that the shifting economic landscape isn’t expected to affect holiday spending, a time when most consumers save to make big purchases for holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.

So competition between brands is expected to be strong. During the past two years, the pandemic forced many brands to develop ecommerce sites to reach customers. Emerging brands in every sector became more accessible to consumers and put more pressure on established players. And according to the 2022 Meta Holiday and Mega Sale Days Marketing Guide, 91% of shoppers are likely to try a new brand during the holiday season, meaning marketers will need to be strategic about getting in front of the right audiences and making an impact.

With considerable consumer interest on the line, marketers should ensure that their TV advertising partner can help them craft strategic campaigns that provide the flexibility and the reach they need to make the most of this holiday season, across both linear and CTV channels.

What this playbook will cover:

  1. Why it's important to get holiday campaigns in-market early.
  2. Why a reliable and nimble TV partner is crucial during this volatile macroeconomic environment.
  3. Why you must test, optimize and even pivot campaigns once results roll in.
  4. Why a strong brand message will help mitigate inflation-induced wariness among consumers.