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Three Strategies That Can Make TV Advertising Work for You

Marissa Guzzo
Marissa Guzzo
Updated: Apr. 27, 2022
Published: Aug. 12, 2020

So, you’re mapping out your TV campaign and you know you need your ads to perform. You’re not alone. Everyone needs to see results. But what does success look like for your brand and how feasible is it, really?

Below we break down three different TV strategies to help you identify which one is right for your business, and how we can make sure your expectations are exceeded.

Brand awareness (requires patience)

Take it from Peter Weinberg, a Global Lead at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute, “There's brand building that drives long term growth among out-of-market buyers who might not buy for months or years, and then there is activation marketing which captures latent demand, people who are in-market, gets them to actually buy.”

Heard of the GEICO gecko? Their talking gecko reaches people who are ready to buy today, and people who won’t buy for five, ten, or maybe twenty years out. But that’s smart. As Peter says, GEICO is targeting the in-market buyers, who want to buy insurance now, but also priming and conditioning those out-of-market buyers, who will likely be customers in the future. When they are ready to buy insurance, the first thing that pops into their head (they hope) is the trademark gecko.

Simulmedia helps brands build durable growth and awareness by maximizing unique reach. Our patented predictive technology and our integration with over 110+ national networks guarantees we’ll reach more of your target audience, more efficiently.

Fast activation (requires initiative)

We don’t all have the budget to continuously air awareness campaigns like GEICO. Charles Manning, CEO at Kochava, tells marketers that “if they want to see fast results, they need to drive volume into their funnel.” Especially because of the pandemic, in order to gain market share, brands need to get in front of their target audience efficiently, have creative that resonates, and ensure every ad dollar is driving results.

How? Try including a directive, or call-to-action, to engage the target audience and support the key messages in your ad. Recent research done by Google revealed that an ad with a call to action gained 1.4x more searches for the website than the same ad without the call to action.

Simulmedia helps clients achieve fast activation by combining the speed and precision of digital with the scale and credibility of TV. We create custom target audiences based on website and app visitors, get you on air and execute campaigns in as little as three days, then can optimize fast for even greater results. You’ll be able to measure TV’s impact on your digital channels in real time through your own performance dashboard.

Scaled performance (requires tech)

Scaled performance means ensuring each campaign outperforms the last. It’s hard to do. You’ll need a provider that: values performative spots over buying cheap impressions, can track top-performing inventory in real time and buy at the spot level, has the ability to find new audiences and finally, can measure the efficacy of your campaign from start to finish.

No one drives scaled performance like Simulmedia and we’ve helped lots of clients transition from providers who just didn’t have the tools to help them scale their TV efforts.

A real-life example:

A direct to consumer financial services company was looking for innovative ways to drive incremental military families to their website through TV advertising. They were buying only one or two networks through direct response (DR) TV which limited their ability to reach new audiences and prevented them from scaling.

Here’s how we helped them transform their TV strategy to drive scaled performance.

Phase 1: Target & Plan:

Our platform developed a lookalike audience developed based on the brand's most engaged customer segments. Then, in minutes, our platform surveyed hundreds of thousands of permutations to come up with the most cost-effective plan to drive the most volume to their site.

Phase 2: Activate:

They ran a one week national campaign for $100K across 22 networks. Simulmedia’s platform provided their growth team with real time analytics to monitor campaign performance and inform key marketing decisions.

Phase 3: Measure & Optimize:

Our platform doubled down on the most performant spots, eliminated the least, and spent the rest of the budget on exploration to find new audiences. As the campaigns progressed, optimization reduced their CPV by 24%.

Check out our case studies to learn more about how we drive performance and build brand awareness. Click here to connect with our performance experts.