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How to Advertise on Both Linear and Streaming TV

Ad-bidding on linear and streaming television involves purchasing advertising spots during specific programming or timeslots on television networks or streaming platforms. The goal is to reach the desired audience at the most cost-effective price. Here are some best practices and strategies for ad-bidding on both linear and streaming television:

Define your target audience: Understand your audience's demographics, interests, and viewing habits in order to target them effectively.

Set your goals and budget: Determine what you want to achieve with your ad campaign and set a budget that will allow you to reach your goals.

Research your options: Look into the different networks and streaming platforms that are available and assess which ones will reach your target audience the most effectively.

Consider the day and time of the airing: Different days and times will have different audience demographics. The same commercial during prime time and overnight will have different effectiveness.

Use data and analytics: Use data and analytics to track the performance of your ad campaigns and make adjustments as needed.

Take advantage of programmatic advertising: Linear television providers are increasingly offering programmatic buying options. It allows for automating the buying process and in some cases, it allows for real-time optimization.

Optimize for streaming: When advertising on streaming television, it's important to optimize for the specific platform and its features. For example, many streaming platforms allow for interactive ad formats or dynamic ad insertion, which can make your ads more engaging.

Test and adjust: Test different ad formats, targeting strategies, and creative to see what works best. Continuously monitor and adjust your campaigns to improve their performance.

Leverage attribution models: Measure the impact of linear tv on business outcome and online behavior. Attribution models such as TV lift or incrementality can help you understand the real business impact of linear TV campaigns.

Multiscreen strategy: Linear TV and streaming TV should not be isolated from one another — you should have a coordinated multiscreen strategy. A multiscreen strategy involves coordinating and aligning your advertising efforts across multiple screens, including linear television and streaming platforms. This allows you to reach your target audience on multiple devices, increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, and optimize your media spend.

These are some of the best practices and strategies to consider when ad-bidding on both linear and streaming television. Remember that the key to effective ad-bidding is understanding your audience, setting clear goals and budget, and using data and analytics to optimize your campaigns.

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