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How to Make TV and Video Advertising Work Harder For You

As media outlets and streaming services continuing to proliferate, and audiences consequently fragment more than ever before, TV and video remains the most effective and efficient means to find and target the high-intent audiences that are crucial to your business at a national scale.

But forget about the basic demo targets of yesteryear. You want to maximize reach while eliminating wasted impressions. And we have the means to connect custom first- and third-party data sets directly to your marketing campaigns to deliver your ads to the right audience at precisely the right time.

We do it by targeting lookalikes of your website visitors and/or app users, connecting the consumer attributes with viewing data from millions of households and quickly and easily integrating data sources to generate a target audience to meet your objectives.

It helps that we know what and where your audience will be watching in the future. Thanks to patented machine learning, our platform can forecast ahead to select inventory that gives you the best opportunity to not only achieve but exceed your KPIs, whatever they may be.

We can analyze second-by-second viewing data from every household in your target audience, optimize your budget allocation across linear TV and CTV and then work with you to make sure the selected inventory is approved before we move forward. You’re in total control of the media plan.

You also get the benefit of our longtime relationships with supply-side vendors and our direct integrations with over 120 TV networks – a huge amount of inventory -- which allows us to choose ads that are most likely to drive the biggest wins for you and your brand. Our partnerships mean there are no clearance or pre-emption issues; this is guaranteed-to-run inventory. And although you’re in control, we can handle the trafficking and associated costs.

When will you know if our efforts are successful? ASAP. With access to reporting tools that make your campaign performance totally transparent. Is the combination of your creative and our platform driving visits to your site, installs of your app or any metrics that matter to your business? You’re able to observe the impact in real-time with unified reporting on cross-channel media delivery and performance for every campaign you run with us.

On our end, we’ll use those learnings to guide our optimization efforts so you never miss an opportunity to make your ad budget go even further. We’ll continue to invest in top-performing units while exploring the market to find new pockets of your target customers. We’ll keep testing creatives, dayparts, networks and programs to ensure the best performance possible to drive sustained growth for your campaigns. We can even show you where your competitors are advertising and who they’re reaching and then turn those insights into action – on your behalf.

Now more than ever, every dollar you spend on TV and video advertising must be deliberate and data-driven in order to achieve measurable results with an impact that can be proven. And with our platform and solutions, it will be.

Download our Cross-Channel TV Playbook for a detailed guide on how to unlock audiences on both linear and connected TV.

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