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Is Everything You Thought You Knew About TV Outdated?

Phil Sandler
Phil Sandler  |  SVP, Marketing and Growth
Published: Aug. 05, 2021

Marketers often ask: can TV become a performance marketing channel? Our answer: it already is -- and has been for quite some time. Since 1941 and the very first TV commercial (for Bulova watches), the combination of sight, sound and motion to deliver a compelling message has been building brands, selling products and even getting presidents elected.

Yet many marketers feel that TV is not appropriate for them, or is just not part of their toolkit. They may think it’s too expensive, not measurable enough, too difficult to execute successfully or completely unnecessary in light of the digital channels available now.

But we’d argue that if you’re relying solely on digital to meet your needs, you’re not really trying to build a brand, widen the top of the funnel and bring more people through it.

In this in-depth webinar originally presented at Grow NY 2021, we explain why everything you thought you knew about TV and video advertising might be wrong, or at least outdated, and how you can apply a performance DNA to the unique attributes of the medium to drive awareness and growth for your brand.

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