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Linda Yaccarino's Call To Fix TV Advertising

Josh Brentan
Josh Brentan
Published: Dec. 06, 2017

If Rip Van Winkle was in TV advertising and woke up after a three-decade nap, he’d be able to go back to work without missing a step. This in spite of the fact that TV viewing has changed substantially in that time frame, along with the needs of most advertisers. In his most recent MediaPost column, our Founder & CEO, Dave Morgan, writes that measuring TV audiences based on GRPs and broad age/sex demos no longer offers the granularity most advertisers already demand from their digital advertising—and should be demanding from their TV advertising, as well. His call was echoed this week by NBCU’s Linda Yaccarino at a summit she organized to talk about issues in TV ad measurement. The key takeaway? “Performance” in TV advertising is not a four-letter word—now people just need to realize it.