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Make TV Advertising More Powerful With 1st Party Data

Josh Brentan
Josh Brentan
Published: Oct. 20, 2017

Marketers are talking about data. Forbes recently said that “big data is arguably the most prevalent buzzword in advertising right now.” But no matter how much people are talking about it, we find in meeting after meeting that many marketers are unsure about how best to leverage data to their advantage—especially when it comes to advertising on TV.

We created this one-sheet to make big data feel smaller and more approachable. In this case, we’ve focused on the power of 1st party data—why marketers should consider using it for targeting and measurement of TV advertising campaigns, and how they can use it to drive growth for their companies.

Among the topics covered are: why data improves audience targeting and insights, how it helps you gain an edge on your competition, and how Simulmedia keeps customer information secure throughout the process. We’ll also give you a peek into how one of our clients applied their CRM database to TV advertising, with fabulous results.

Download the one-sheet, then contact us to take the first steps toward unlocking the power of your 1st party data.

Image of one sheet covering making TV advertising more powerful with 1st party data.