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Three Questions To Ask Your TV Attribution Provider

Published: Jun. 12, 2019

Simulmedia recently aired its first-ever livestream in a show we’re calling Simulmedia Live. We’ve designed this program to help brands and agencies get smarter about the fast-changing premium video advertising ecosystem. Here, we summarize and share clips from our first episode.

Though Simulmedia provides end-to-end solutions for TV advertisers, we decided to focus on what many consider the end of that process first: attribution. Specifically, we talked about the three things brands and their agencies should ask their TV attribution providers.

There is no single “right” metric for measuring successful attribution in any advertising campaign. Instead, to determine the success of ad spots across channels, advertisers must be able to decide which data actually matters.

What do I measure to determine TV advertising's effectiveness?

According to Simulmedia Senior Data Scientist Alex Papiu, determining which data matters is an often overlooked step and is the first thing anyone involved with attribution should investigate.

What is the incremental effect of TV advertising on things like web traffic and app installs?

Papiu then reinforces the importance of this step by sharing an example.

How do you calculate an upper bound for TV advertising attribution?

Simulmedia SVP of Marketing Matt Collins says these incremental effects can’t be calculated without establishing a baseline. That’s the second key question we recommend asking TV attribution providers.

Does a spike analysis just measure the short-term effects of TV advertising or also the long-term?

Papiu also reminds advertisers not to get discouraged if they don’t see immediate results. Attributable spikes in consumer interest could appear anywhere from five minutes to 20 days after the spot, depending on which data you use to measure attribution.

Is your TV attribution model flexible?

This reinforces the need for any attribution vendor to provide clients with the flexibility they need to customize their attribution models. This is the third key recommendation.

What should my TV advertising budget be to properly test the effectiveness of it?

Although each campaign measures attribution based on unique data, the one number they all rely upon can be found in the budget.