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Transforming the Way the World Works

John Piccone
John Piccone
Published: Dec. 03, 2015

"Transforming the way the world works." And with that statement, GE has set off on the path to become a "digital industrial company." When I first saw this ad on TV, superbly executed by the folks at BBDO, I was impressed by GE's focus on marrying Millennials with technology and changing the world for the better - something that we all hope to do, but that seems to be every Millennials mission.

Commenting on the impact their advertising is having through the use of TV, Linda Boff, GE's Chief Marketing Officer, explained that they saw a 200% increase in traffic to GE's jobs site. And with the role of social media also bringing up the engagement metrics, the relationship between the two media channels seems to be symbiotic.

I was not surprised to see the impact that their TV campaign delivered, especially targeting Millennials. According to Nielsen's Total Audience Report, Millennials spend as much time watching TV as they do using all other devices combined. Normally given credit for only bringing awareness to a brand or product, TV is now being put under the "show me the money" microscope. This is good news. With better and better TV and CRM data becoming available and more scientists digging through it, we will see that TV's value and impact will be further clarified. And as Ms. Boff makes clear, although Primetime did not work for GE, other marketers may get a great bang for their buck. Rest assured the data will tell us.