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TV's Holy Grail Moment

Peter Giordano
Peter Giordano
Published: Nov. 16, 2015

The most exciting part about being at Simulmedia is having a front row seat to how the TV advertising ecosystem is developing. New data sets continue to make themselves available and more technical capabilities manifest themselves, making TV more provable, accountable, and like digital every day.

We have a close partnership with the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), whereby we participate in several of their conferences and get first-hand feedback from advertisers themselves about how they see their marketing plans evolving given the current media landscape. Not surprisingly, the desire for more accountability and transparency into how all of their media is performing is a sentiment we hear over and over.


This month, we were given the opportunity to write an article for the ANA's monthly magazine, and as such, we decided to focus on just this topic how data and software are finally making TV measurable in the way that digital has always been. Measuring return-on-investment, and optimizing for business outcomes, is now possible in traditional linear TV advertising. Talking about metrics like average basket size and conversion rate, but for TV, is truly a new era for one of the oldest, and most reliable, advertising channels.