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Debunking the Top 4 Myths About TV & Video Measurement

Phil Sandler
Phil Sandler  |  SVP, Marketing and Growth
Published: Jun. 17, 2021

In an era of “alternative facts,” the last thing our industry needs is misinformation about media and marketing driving decision-making by advertisers and agencies. So let’s “un-learn” the most common misconceptions about television and video:

Myth: TV Is Just for Branding

Reality: Television is as “performant” as any other medium, but with the unique ability to widen the top of the funnel at guaranteed scale and drive through-the-line behaviors and trackable sales. Simply put, brand and performance don’t travel in silos and modern marketers need to look at both when using TV/video advertising in order to truly “Brandform.”

Myth: TV Is Too Expensive

Reality: How much is too much? It’s all relative, but this isn’t: TV scales more quickly, and with greater impact, than pure play digital campaigns. More precisely, advertising on TV generates five to seven times the brand lift of pure play (according to Neustar).

Myth: Digital Channels Have You Covered

Reality: Nope! Branding online is highly inefficient, while scaling for performance is costly and hard to do. Consider this: TV can reach 71% of the U.S. population in one day, 93% in a week and 98% in a month. What else can do that? Not YouTube, not Facebook, not search. Only television and video (whether it’s linear, streaming, games or a combination) provide this level of scale, optimal coverage and accountability across audiences.

Myth: TV Is Hard to Measure

Reality: We get it -- every dollar spend has to do something for the advertiser’s business. And with current measurement capabilities, no one has the luxury of spending millions on a campaign just for the sake of spending it. Fortunately, measurement of TV and video is more comprehensive than ever before, tracking everything from which ads people saw during specific programming to what they did after they saw them – including online transactions. The end result for modern marketers is greater control over their budgets and achievement of their objectives.

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