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Unlocking the Secrets of Family Marketing Campaigns for Spring Holidays

Published: Oct. 31, 2023

Setting the Stage for Spring Holiday Success

Spring holidays may be months away, but in the world of marketing, it's never too early to start planning. As we gear up for the season of blossoms and sunshine, our previous blog post on "Unveiling Spring Break TV Advertising Secrets Targeting College Student Viewership" has already given us a glimpse of the action-packed spring break playground.

Now, we're shifting our focus to another demographic that's just as exciting—the families with school-aged kids who are eagerly anticipating their upcoming spring holidays. These holidays are still a few months down the road, but savvy marketers from various verticals know that it's the perfect time to start developing TV campaigns that will capture the hearts and minds of parents and children alike.

From the bustling travel and tourism industry promoting family-friendly vacation destinations to retailers showcasing the latest in spring fashion for kids, from entertainment and amusement venues such as theme parks and movie theaters to companies in the consumer electronics sector, there's a myriad of opportunities to engage families during this special time of year. For marketers in these verticals, the spring school holidays represent a golden opportunity to capture the attention of families when they're actively planning vacations, shopping for new spring wardrobes, seeking entertainment options for quality family time, and considering educational programs to keep their kids engaged and learning during the holidays. It's a season of increased consumer spending, family travel, and quality time together, making it the perfect stage for TV advertisers to shine.

We won't tell you that we're going to tell you something because, well, that's just not our style. Instead, we're going to take you on a journey through the TV viewership patterns of households with school-aged kids and unveil the secrets of crafting successful family marketing campaigns. We'll provide insights to help you fine-tune your family marketing campaign strategy and achieve remarkable results.

The Playground of TV Viewership: Households with School-Aged Kids

Picture this: a vast playground of 41.7 million linear households and 47 million streaming households. It's not a tug of war between the two; rather, they coexist, forming a vibrant landscape for advertisers. These households, naturally, tend to be more extensive, as they are bustling with the cheerful presence of children. After all, it's school-aged kids we're talking about.

TV households with school-aged kids by channel

Now, let's hop on our school bus of data and embark on a journey through the TV viewership habits of these households.

Recess on the Screen: TV Viewing Insights

In the vast playground of TV viewership, there's an exciting blend of habits that keeps the action going. In these households with school-aged kids, you'll find a dynamic mix: 15% of them still rely exclusively on linear TV, while 25% have embraced streaming-only ad-supported content. And the remaining 60%? Well, they're the versatile bunch, seamlessly hopping between traditional linear TV and ad-supported Connected TV (CTV).

Cross-channel household distribution for households with school-aged kids

The average daily viewing time in these households? A whopping 3 hours and 54 minutes. That's the equivalent of a long recess, and the kids are eager to play. Of those 234 minutes, 76%—a remarkable 178 minutes—are spent on traditional linear TV. It's where they gather around to catch their favorite shows, often with their parents.

But don't forget the 24%—56 minutes—devoted to ad-supported Connected TV (CTV). Kids these days are tech-savvy and enjoy streaming content on various devices.

Average daily viewing time for households with school-aged kids

Finding Your Spot in the Playground: Targeting Strategies

When you're the new kid on the block, it's essential to know where the cool kids hang out. In the world of TV advertising, the "cool kids" are ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN, where you can find 31.91% of households with school-aged kids. But don't fret; you can also locate significant numbers of them on other networks more economically, just like making friends in different corners of the playground.

For those who love digital playdates, Paramount, Vizio, Samsung, Peacock, and Hulu are the go-to sellers on streaming platforms. Here, you'll reach a whopping 66.18% of households with school-aged kids.

Best Practices for a High Score in the Game of Advertising

We did some scenario planning on this TV audience for a budget of $500K, $1M, and $1.5M. The results speak volumes.

TV budget allocation scenarios for households with school-aged kids

If you're handed a budget of $1 million, our recommendation is to invest 40% in your linear TV buy and 60% in your CTV buy. This strategic blend ensures you reach a grand total of 18.6 million households with school-aged kids, a perfect recipe for successful family marketing campaigns.

You see, when you strategically allocate your budget across both linear and connected TV, you'll always reach more of your strategic audience, maximizing your impact and ROI. To put it in playground terms, it's like combining the strength of the swings with the exhilaration of the slide to reach new heights. If you spent that money on linear alone, you'd reach 12.1 million households, and if you spent it on CTV alone, you'd only reach 12.3 million households. So, the blend works wonders for your campaigns.

This approach not only enhances your reach but also allows for a flexible and tailored strategy, ensuring that you're present where your target audience spends their time. It's akin to joining in the games kids love on the playground, making friends and being part of the fun.

The key to a successful family marketing campaign during the spring holidays lies in understanding where to allocate your budget effectively. By mixing the power of linear TV with the dynamic capabilities of CTV, you can make the most of your advertising dollars while resonating with families during this special time of year. So, take a page out of the playground playbook and get ready to win big with your next family marketing campaign.

Conclusion: Simulmedia—Your Playdate Partner for Spring Holidays

As you gear up for your spring holiday TV advertising campaigns, remember that Simulmedia is your ultimate playdate partner. With our expertise and platform, including the powerful Performance TV offering driven by the TV+ Advertising Platform, we can help you plan, buy, measure, and optimize your campaigns to reach households with school-aged kids effectively. Whether it's a day at the amusement park or a family getaway, we're here to ensure your message resonates with your target audience.

With our Performance TV offering, you have the tools and insights to reach the right audience at the right time with precision and efficiency. Our data-driven approach allows you to maximize your ROI, making every advertising dollar count.

So, let's make this spring holiday season a memorable one, both for the kids on the playground and for your brand. Join hands with Simulmedia, and let's create advertising magic together while leveraging the exceptional capabilities of our Performance TV service.