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Unveiling Spring Break TV Advertising Secrets: Targeting College Student Viewership

Updated: Nov. 17, 2023
Published: Oct. 26, 2023

As we find ourselves in the midst of autumn, the upcoming spring break may seem like a distant dream. However, in the world of advertising, preparation for the next season begins well before the first ray of spring sunshine warms the sand. So, let's dive right in and uncover the secrets of targeting college students during spring break.

Who's in the Spring Break Advertising Game?

When it comes to spring break, it's not just about sandy beaches and wild parties; it's also a prime season for advertisers to connect with college students. The excitement and anticipation of a break from academic routines make it the perfect time to catch the attention of this energetic and dynamic demographic.

The spring break advertising landscape is as diverse as the destinations college students flock to. While travel agencies and tourism boards are at the forefront, offering enticing getaway packages and promoting sought-after locations, other businesses also join the fray. Beverage companies are busy crafting tropical-inspired concoctions to quench the thirst of beachgoers. Swimwear brands ensure everyone looks stylish and ready for fun in the sun. However, the competition doesn't stop there. Spring break advertising encompasses a broad spectrum, with various brands and industries eager to make an impact.

So, why do these advertisers choose TV as their medium of choice for spring break campaigns? As spring break planning kicks into high gear, advertisers want to ensure their message reaches the right audience at the right time. TV advertising provides the reach and impact they need to capture the attention of college students who are not only dreaming of beach vacations but also looking for the perfect gear, outfits, and refreshments to make their spring break memorable.

College Student TV Viewership: Where Do They Surf?

Spring break advertisers are in for a wild ride as they navigate the choppy seas of college student TV viewership. To help steer their campaigns in the right direction, we have some interesting data that might be your compass.

Consider this: within the realm of college households, you'll find a unique landscape. With 5.43 million linear households and 6.84 million streaming households, there's a harmonious coexistence between the two.

TV college student households by channel

But it's not just about the numbers; it's the composition that sets them apart. College households tend to be more extensive, with a distinct deviation from the national average. While single-member households represent 10% of the general population, they make up only 7.10% within college households, emphasizing the preference for shared living. Furthermore, college households comprising four or more members, which constitute 45% of the national population, rise to 47.3%, reflecting the communal nature of student living. Likewise, households with a size of three, representing 18% of the general populace, surge to 21.96% among college households. This distinctive household dynamic offers a rich tapestry for advertisers looking to engage this vibrant demographic.

Household size - general population vs college student households

Let's break it down even further: 14% of households are old-school, sticking solely to linear TV. Meanwhile, 31% have cut the cord and gone full-throttle into streaming. The majority, a whopping 55%, tread the waters of both linear and connected TV, dipping in and out as they please.

Cross-channel household distribution for college student households

On average, this audience spends about 3 hours and 40 minutes daily glued to ad-supported linear and streaming TV. Of those 220 minutes, 78%, or 172 minutes, are devoted to linear TV, while 24%, or 48 minutes, are swaying towards ad-supported CTV. It's like a beachfront party with a mix of laid-back lounging and lively dancing.

Average daily viewing time for college student households

But where do you find the college crowd amidst this TV fiesta? Linear TV still holds its charm, with 32.84% of college students frolicking in the waves of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN. Yet, don't disregard the more budget-friendly options, as you can still spot significant numbers on other networks.

For the streaming enthusiasts among the college crowd, Paramount, Vizio, Samsung, Peacock, and Hulu are where the virtual beach party is at, with 59.17% of college students enjoying the virtual sun and surf.

Building the Ultimate Spring Break Campaign

Now that we've got the lay of the land, let's talk strategy. For the savvy advertisers planning their spring break advertising campaigns, we recommend a mix of linear and connected TV. Why? It's simple – you'll reach more of your strategic audience this way.

We did some scenario planning on a $500,000, $1 million, and $1.5 million budget, and the results are, dare I say, epic. Here's a table that paints a vivid picture of the possibilities:

Budget allocation scenarios for college student households

Let's break this down further – imagine you have a budget of $1 million. If you go all-in on linear TV, you'd only reach 3.61 million college students. On the other hand, if you sail toward CTV, you'd hit 12.3 million. Now, here's the golden nugget: investing 15% in your linear TV buy and 85% in CTV would catapult you to reach 13.2 million college students. It's the perfect spring break cocktail – just the right mix of both.

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In conclusion, spring break advertising isn't just about beach parties and swimsuits; it's a strategic endeavor to capture the attention of college students who are transitioning from textbooks to beachfronts. By understanding the unique TV viewership patterns of this demographic and using the right mix of linear and CTV advertising, you can make a splash and ensure your spring break campaign is a hit. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the power of TV advertising with Simulmedia.com. Happy sailing!