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Will Advertisers Benefit at the Expense of Ad-Tech Thanks to Amazon's AWS?

Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan  |  Executive Chairman
Published: Dec. 07, 2022

More than 11 years ago, Silicon valley icon Marc Andreessen famously told us that “software will eat the world.”

Over these past 11 years, Amazon’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) has definitely proven to all of us the enormous advantages of massively scaled, cloud-based delivery of software, relative to those running software in their own hardware or on subscale clouds.

Recently, AWS announced that it is offering data clean rooms and analytics as a turnkey feature of its cloud.

Yep, two of the biggest drivers in the future of digital advertising and marketing -- analytics and privacy-protecting data matching, both in real time -- will now be just a simple configuration and button-push away for AWS customers.

Much of the world of ad tech has lived on black boxes, opacity and commingled economics with buyers and partners, while enjoying very attractive per-transaction margins (10%-90% -- but generally closer to the upper than lower). The driver? Claims of proprietary algorithms.

For sure, we’ve already seen big cloud services impact many areas of ad tech. Ad serving, creative delivery, hosted analytics, workflow automation and version control have all become simpler and cheaper with cloud delivery. But what happens when everyone can get the best algorithms in the world for almost free? That is where we’re headed.

How will we know that the AWS (or Azure or Google Cloud) ad serving, bidding or attribution algorithms are better? We will see it in campaign results. That will be super-easy for performance ads, and easier and easier for CTV and linear TV ads, particularly as retail media networks become bigger and bigger players in the media mix.

Will AWS (or massive cloud competitors) eat ad-tech margins overnight? No, it won’t. But I wouldn’t bet against it for very long. And advertising will likely win when that happens. What do you think?

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An earlier version of this blog was originally published by MediaPost.