Audience-Based Planning vs. Index-Based Planning

Which approach won our head-to-head TV advertising field test?

While most TV advertising has been planned on index for years, audience-based planning is gaining popularity. But is it ready for primetime? We conducted a head-to-head field test to help you decide.

In this white paper titled, “Audience-Based Planning vs. Index-Based Planning,” we explain what audience-based buying is and how it compares to index-based buying; which approach works best for various campaign goals; and how technology drives better reach, efficiency, and outcomes. As an added bonus, the white paper also contains a Q&A with our Chief Technology Officer and top data scientist, Kyle Hubert, where he gives an in-depth look at Simulmedia’s unique approach to planning.

You can download the white paper below, and if you’d like to listen to the companion webinar we hosted on the same topic, you can do so here.

Interested? Download the full white paper.