OTT, Linear TV, or Both? Determining the Optimal Video Strategy

OTT, Linear TV, or Both?

As more and more gravitate towards streaming services, advertisers are grappling with a tough question: OTT, Linear, or Both? Luckily we’ve compiled data, calcualted forcast, and gathered first hand experiences to provide the answer to this question. Dive in to take a look at the numbers, hear from top advertisers about the pros and cons they’ve encountered with streaming, and how Simulmedia can drive preformance.

Table of Contents
• The Truth About OTT and Linear TV’s Available Scale.
• Linear TV’s Available Impressions vs AVOD
• Optimal Budgeting, Linear TV and AVOD: A Rule of Thumb.
• How Top Advertisers are Thinking About The Pros and Cons of Streaming
• The Benefits of Working with Simulmedia

Estimated TV impressions for 2020
Excerpt from the whitepaper

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