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Crack the Code: Advertisers' Blueprint for CTV Inventory Triumph

Unlock the secrets to CTV ad inventory success with our latest eBook, "Crack the Code: Advertisers' Blueprint for CTV Inventory Triumph." As connected TV continues its meteoric rise, advertisers face the challenge of navigating this dynamic landscape. Discover where and how to find CTV ad inventory, essential for staying ahead in modern marketing. With eMarketer projecting US CTV ad spend to hit $40.90 billion by 2027, the stakes are high. Learn the intricacies of buying CTV inventory, unravel the complexities, and gain the strategic edge.

What's Inside

  • What is CTV inventory and where to find it. Gain a comprehensive understanding of Connected TV (CTV) ad inventory, exploring its definition, the available ad formats, and insights into diverse sources where advertisers can purchase CTV inventory, unraveling the complexities of the evolving CTV advertising landscape.
  • About vMVPDs and FAST channels. Uncover insights into the revolutionary concept of vMVPDs and FAST channels, exploring their evolving definition, the fusion of linear and on-demand content, and the complex ecosystem within which platforms operate, providing a comprehensive understanding of this critical aspect of CTV inventory.
  • How to buy CTV inventory. Gain insights into the intricacies of purchasing CTV ad inventory through both non-programmatic and programmatic channels. Explore the nuances of non-programmatic deals, such as sponsorships and direct insertion orders, and delve into the automated realm of programmatic advertising, including programmatic guaranteed, private marketplace (PMP), and the dynamics of open exchange and real-time bidding (RTB).
  • Challenges of buying CTV inventory. Explore the challenges in procuring CTV ad inventory, from pricing intricacies to the complexities of transitioning from linear TV rates and the growing reliance on programmatic buying, bringing to light issues like limited transparency, reduced control, brand safety concerns, ad tech fees, KPI accuracy challenges, and the constant specter of ad fraud.
  • Differences between premium and non-premium inventory. Explore the distinctions between premium and non-premium CTV inventory, from sought-after content and performance indicators in premium placements to the diverse landscape of non-premium inventory, challenging the misconception that premium shows are the sole effective means to reach target audiences.

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