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How to Scale on TV Playbook


Ever since we published the first edition of the playbook, originally titled “How to Get on TV and Scale,” we’ve heard not only from brands that are eager to launch their first campaign. We also have talked to companies that have advertised on TV for years, but need a better way to create more customers through TV advertising in the current climate of evolving TV viewership and increasing pressure on media to perform.

We’re updating this playbook with these more experienced brands in mind. While it still holds lots of useful insights for brands and marketers that are planning their first-ever TV campaigns, this playbook is best for brands that have experience with TV advertising and need their media to power customer creation. They need to generate app downloads, website visits and sales. To achieve this, they need TV to funnel as many potential customers as possible to their properties, either virtual or brick and mortar.

If you’ve been advertising on TV but need a strategy to attract even more customers to a website or app in a climate of falling ratings and audience fragmentation, or if you’re contemplating TV for the first time to complement search and social, then this playbook will help you.

By the time you’ve finished reading this playbook, you’ll understand the following:

  • The media math of scaling on TV
  • The inventory and pricing TV advertisers have
  • Ensuring your website and app are ready to handle lots of customers
  • Building creative that performs and builds brands
  • Targeting and planning beyond age/gender demos
  • How to think about TV’s performance vs. digital advertising
  • Measurement and attribution techniques preferred by advertisers that have scaled their TV budgets
  • Case studies in scaling
  • Guidance for launching your first campaign