OTT, Linear TV, or Both? Determining the Optimal Video Strategy

This whitepaper will explain the ideal approach to budgeting across two major sources of premium video inventory: data-driven linear TV and streaming, also known as over-the-top (OTT). In particular we will focus on the portion of OTT that advertisers can actually buy, called ad-supported video on demand (AVOD). It will explain what makes these two options the best ones for brands. We’ll also reveal why these two are not equal in opportunity.

We’ll provide a handy rule of thumb to help you budget for accounts for their respective audience reach and impression availability. Finally, we’ll share how Experian (a Simulmedia client) and Camelot, their agency, think about balancing linear TV and streaming in their media plans.

Table of Contents
• The Truth About OTT and Linear TV’s Available Scale
• Linear TV’s Available Impressions vs AVOD
• Optimal Budgeting, Linear TV and AVOD: A Rule of Thumb
• How Top Advertisers are Thinking About The Pros and Cons of Streaming
• The Benefits of Working with Simulmedia