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As Companies Rethink Digital Ads, Cross-Channel TV Provides Solutions

The costs of digital ads are skyrocketing, forcing brands and businesses to rethink their marketing strategies, as Axios has reported. “Given the escalating prices and declining return on investment, some brands have recently begun moving more of their ad budgets to other venues, like streaming TV [and] traditional TV.”

Meanwhile, the coming third-party cookiepocalypse has left digital publishers and advertisers struggling to adjust their data strategies to find new solutions that address consumer privacy concerns while still collecting data that helps target ads to the right audiences.

Put it all together, and there’s never been a better – or more urgent – time for brands to shift their digital dollars to television. Here’s what you should demand from your media planning and buying partner as you reconsider your strategy:

Unified National Cross-Channel TV Reach

We’ve heard for years how audiences are fragmented across the viewing landscape – and it’s certainly true. But that doesn’t mean you should feel forced choose between one channel over the other, linear over CTV or vice versa. Simulmedia, for example, offers truly national cross-channel reach with access to premium inventory over 500 networks, publishers and platforms, so you can maximize scale while cost-efficiently driving incremental impressions from untapped audiences.

Transparent Planning & Optimization

If the bizarre saga of Ozy Media taught us anything, it’s that transparency is more important than ever. When it comes to your TV investment, you should demand complete transparency for your campaign performance so you know what to expect – and how to adjust mid-flight. You need reporting on cross-channel media delivery in real time, with spot-level buying that ensures optimal specificity and minimal waste along with a guaranteed impression delivery. No secrets, no surprises.

TV Campaigns Made Simple

With all of the headwinds in the marketplace today, you must focus on the core needs of your business. That’s why you should seek a turnkey approach to campaign management that lifts the burden on your team – one that eliminates the complexity and friction in TV planning, buying and measurement so you can get in market as fast as possible.

Holistic Reporting That Proves Effectiveness

The days of TV being used purely for brand awareness are over – and don’t let any potential partner tell you different. You can and should be able to have visibility into how your linear and/or CTV campaign is driving the KPIs that matter to your brand and business – measured on your terms. Seek out unified reporting tools that provide proof of how your TV advertising is driving web visits, app installs and more – down to the spot level.

Download our Cross-Channel TV Playbook for a detailed guide on how to unlock audiences on both linear and connected TV.

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