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How Cross-Channel TV Advertising Can Create a Holistic Approach

Customer-acquisition strategies often rely on a media plan that combines digital channels and tactics. Comparing TV advertising’s performance to that of digital advertising can be challenging but taking a digital approach to TV is where the industry is headed (if not already is) and CTV has only accelerated that evolution.

TV Advertising Expectations

To help advertisers think more holistically about incorporating cross-channel TV into their media plans, we’ve developed some frameworks we’ve found useful for setting expectations about TV’s performance potential.

CTV takes the best features of digital advertising and combines them with linear TV, offering marketers a premium environment with high performance, accountability and measurement. While CTV is still at a relatively early stage, the technology has seen explosive growth. eMarketer forecasts that 213.7 million people in the U.S. will have used the internet through a CTV device at least monthly in 2021. They also predict that growth will accelerate as CTV ad spending reaches $13.41 billion this year — and that figure will likely reach an incredible $100 billion by 2030 (with an additional $30 billion still in linear TV ad spend), according to Simulmedia CEO and founder Dave Morgan.

The adtech infrastructure is shifting to monetize this trend. CTV has made TV advertising accessible to brands of any size. And the audience-targeting capabilities, from first-party to third-party data targeting, allow CTV campaigns to cover the entire marketing funnel from awareness to performance.

A big driver of CTV adoption is the ability to create a personalized ad experience that is also measurable. As any digital marketer knows, personalized ads are more effective and both CTV and linear TV are moving in this direction. We’ve helped our clients develop unique audiences on CTV and linear and can target these users wherever they are across linear and streaming inventory to ensure you're optimizing for maximum reach.

Cross-Channel TV Advertising Insights

cross channel TV audience distribution

With our Cross-Channel Insights Dashboard, you can pinpoint exactly how your target audience is distributed across linear and streaming TV, and what their viewing behaviors are, including how many are watching both linear and CTV or exclusively one or the other. We also provide insights into exactly what networks, programs, and dayparts your audiences are most likely to view across linear and streaming TV to help inform your TV strategy.

Download our Cross-Channel TV Playbook for a more detailed guide on how to unlock audiences on both linear and connected TV.

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