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How TV and Video Advertising Can Feed the Funnel

Phil Sandler
Phil Sandler  |  SVP, Marketing and Growth
Published: Aug. 03, 2021

The bottom of the funnel is a hungry beast. Super-cluttered and increasingly competitive. Meanwhile, as internet cookies crumble, everyone’s scrambling to figure out how to collect more and more first-party data so they can continue their relationships with their end users. But delivery and viewability issues abound – especially in display. On top of these challenges, online media costs are rising far faster than the rate of inflation – growing by double-digit rates year over year (with the exception of desktop display, which doesn’t really work all that well, at least not without retargeting layered on top).

But TV can solve these and many more challenges for advertisers, thanks to surgical targeting, real-time reporting, affordable cost of entry and the ability to prove cross-channel impact. And not only does TV work, but it helps all other channels perform better, whether its driving site traffic, improving DM response rates and email open rates, generating brick-and-mortar foot traffic or boosting app downloads and usage.

In this in-depth webinar hosted by Statbid, we explain how your TV and video advertising can satiate that voracious creature at the bottom of the funnel and reach the high-intent scalable audiences you need to drive real results for your brand and business.

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