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Top 7 Reasons TV and Video Advertising Are Right For You

Phil Sandler
Phil Sandler  |  SVP, Marketing and Growth
Published: Jul. 30, 2021

Television has made brands into household names, moved products off shelves (and sites) and shaped how we think of ourselves and society for over 80 years. Despite all of the massive technological leaps and upheavals since the invention of television, video remains the ideal medium to tell stories, demonstrate your value and elicit a response from your target audience. Here’s why:

1. Sure, we’re spending enormous amounts of time noodling with our phones, engaging on social media and perhaps even occasionally stepping outside to enjoy some fresh air, decade after decade, television and video consumption has remained a cornerstone of most peoples’ lives and routines – averaging five hours per day for years. And during the pandemic year of 2020, daily viewership increased by 11-25 minutes across demographic groups, according to The New York Times.

2. It isn’t “too expensive,” whatever that myth means. Pricing is relative and, as always, you get what you pay for. But here’s one thing that’s steady: the fact that TV scales faster, and with a bigger impact, than pure play digital campaigns, generating five to seven times the brand lift. And initial investments of as little as $25,000 can provide a baseline for future optimization and scale.

3. Your brand needs TV more than it needs digital. Yes, really. Branding online is incredibly inefficient, and in terms of reach, it’s no contest: with national television, you can reach 71% of the U.S. population in just one day, 93% in a week and 98% in a month. Digital can’t do that for you, at any reasonable (or perhaps even unreasonable) price.

4. Along with reach comes scale. Massive scale from the combined power of linear TV and the rapidly expanding connected TV ecosystem. Nielsen reported that live plus time-shifted TV reached 80% of adults each week, with those viewers tuning in on average for over 30 hours weekly. Just as importantly, Nielsen’s monthly total TV and streaming snapshot, The Gauge, reveals that over 74% of viewing in the U.S. occurs on video platforms that allow ads to be served, whether it’s traditional broadcast, cable or CTV.

5. Our references to “video” alongside “TV” aren’t just rhetorical parsley. Premium, TV-style video advertising in games is now available. Games are the entertainment platform of choice for Gen Z, particularly men 18-34. It’s a huge potential customer base for brands that’s only growing: during the pandemic year of 2020, minutes spent playing video games daily increased by double digits, according to The New York Times.

6. Put it all together – linear and streaming television channels and services plus games – and you have incredible access to mass audiences and the ability to find and target your high-intent prospects whenever and wherever they’re consuming video content.

7. TV measurement is getting closer to its digital counterparts every day, providing marketers with insights on everything from awareness to conversion in near real-time. Is your TV campaign driving visits to your site, installs of your app or any other metrics that matter to your business? The answers are literally at your fingertips.

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