Drive Daily Viewership for Programming Block

The Challenge

A cable network wanted to drive viewers to a daily block of programs on late at night. While it was currently doing some tune-in promotion already, it wanted to see if audience-targeting would further improve the block’s viewership.

The Simulmedia Solution

  • Custom Target

    Run two continuity campaigns, with a one-week gap in between, targeting W18-49 with children to increase daily viewership.

  • Prediction

    Analyze past viewing data of the client’s target audience and predict the audience’s future viewing behavior to optimize the campaign’s reach.

The Results

  • 600k

    Simulmedia converted over 600k W18-49 viewers to the program block.

  • $2.32

    Simulmedia had an average cost per converted viewer of $2.32 for both campaigns.

  • 60%

    During the continuity campaigns, an average of 60% of daily viewers were new to the programming block.

Future Optimization

Simulmedia also analyzed the performance of the campaign’s creative and flighting to further optimize future campaigns.

  • Image alt text 1

    The multi-show creative converted 44% more W18-49 than the single show creative.

  • Image alt text 2

    Over half of the top performing spots occurred during the Daytime daypart.

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