Convert New Viewers to Returning Program’s Premiere

The Challenge

A large cable network needed to promote the season premiere of a returning drama series. The network  
wanted to target viewers of two similar shows who may never have watched the returning series  
in order to increase ratings for the second season.

The Simulmedia Solution

  • Custom Target

    Run a two-day campaign, targeting M18-49 who have watched at least one episode of either of the two ‘look-a-like’ programs.

  • Prediction

    Analyze past viewing data of the client’s target audience and predict the audience’s future viewing behavior to optimize the campaign’s performance.

The Results

  • 135k

    Simulmedia converted over 135k M18-49 viewers to the season premiere.

  • 80k

    Simulmedia converted over 80k custom target viewers to the season premiere.

  • $0.74

    Simulmedia had a cost per converted viewer of $0.74 for M18-49 and $1.24 for the custom target.

Additional Insights

Simulmedia measured the campaign’s performance down to the spot level to further optimize future campaigns. Top-converting spots included promos that ran during:

  • Image alt text 1 32% conversion rate

    Oddities on Science Channel

  • Image alt text 2 28% conversion rate

    Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction on Chiller

  • Image alt text 3 19% conversion rate

    Bar Rescue on Spike

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