Quick Service Restaurant Increases Customer Appetites

The Challenge

This QSR relies on contextual TV advertising to drive sales, but it was being outspent by the competition and needed a cost-efficient way to reach likely customers. The QSR wanted to increase earnings and grow their market share through a more targeted, audience-centric approach to its TV advertising.

The Simulmedia Solution

  • Custom Targeting

    Using our software platform, we created a custom target and predicted where to find them across national TV.

  • Data Matching

    Match third-party credit card transaction data to TV viewing data to determine TV’s impact on purchases made at the QSR, and at its competitors.

The Results

  • 10x

    Simulmedia’s campaign drove a 10x higher return on ad spend than the client’s other TV media.

  • 68%

    Simulmedia’s campaign drove customers to the restaurant at a 68% higher rate compared to the client’s other TV media.

  • 110%

    Overall, the client’s TV campaign increased purchasing behavior by 110%, higher than both of its top competitors.

Future Optimization

Simulmedia analyzed the campaign’s performance to further optimize future campaigns, recommending:

  • Image alt text 1

    Re-defining the target audience to Males 18-34 because they were most responsive to the creative, compared to other demographics

  • Image alt text 2

    Reallocating 30% of its next TV campaign budget to Simulmedia which, after a simulation analysis, is projected to increase the client’s return on ad spend by over 50%

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