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case study

Beverage Company Refreshes Its Strategy to Boost ROI

Beverage Company Refreshes Its Strategy to Boost ROI

The Challenge

Find Cost-Efficient National TV Complement to Contextual Advertising

While this global beverage company spends heavily in contextual advertising, they wanted to find a cost-efficient complement to reach more of their target audience across the rest of national TV.

The Solution

Simulmedia Created Complex Lookalike Target For Campaign Across 25 Networks

Custom Targeting

Created a complex lookalike target based on age, gender, viewing behavior, and a combination of 20 MRI attributes.

Data-Optimized Delivery

After forecasting where to find the target on national TV, our plan ran on 25 additional networks.

The Results

Simulmedia Delivered on Guarantees to Grow Client’s TV Advertising ROI

Simulmedia met its guarantees, added a powerful complement to the beverage company’s base plan and increased the campaign’s ROI.

20 %increased weekly reach
55 %lower cost per point
27 %higher ROI than the base campaign