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case study

Simulmedia Drove Daily Viewership for Cable Network’s Programming

Simulmedia Drove Daily Viewership for Cable Network’s Programming

The Challenge

Prove Audience-Targeting Can Improve Tune-In for Cable Network

A cable network wanted to drive viewers to a daily block of programs on late at night. While it was currently doing some tune-in promotion already, it wanted to see if audience-targeting would further improve the block’s viewership.

The Solution

Run Two Campaigns Targeting Moms to Increase Daily Viewership

Simulmedia crafted a custom target of previous viewers of the network to predict their future viewing behavior for two continuity campaigns aimed at W18-49 with children.

Custom Target

Run two continuity campaigns, with a one-week gap in between, targeting W18-49 with children to increase daily viewership.


Analyze past viewing data of the client’s target audience and predict the audience’s future viewing behavior to optimize the campaign’s reach.

The Results

Simulmedia Grew Viewership of New Daily Viewers by Double Digits

Simulmedia succeeded in converting 600K W18-49 viewers to the cable network’s programming block, with 60% of daily viewers during the continuity campaigns being new to the programming block.

600 KSimulmedia converted over 600k W18-49 viewers to the program block.
$2.32Simulmedia had an average cost per converted viewer of $2.32 for both campaigns.
60 %During the continuity campaigns, an average of 60% of daily viewers were new to the programming block.