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case study

Driving Awareness and App Activity for CTV Platform’s Miniseries

Driving Awareness and App Activity for CTV Platform’s Miniseries

The Challenge

Reaching Custom Target Audience for Original Miniseries Debut

A streaming platform needed to drive targeted awareness for the premiere of its highly anticipated limited series.

Secondarily, the client’s goal was to capture app activity, through Simulmedia’s integration with Kochava, to help identify and report on key outcomes such as installs, video starts and payment completions that could be attributed to national TV.

The Solution

Targeting Likely Viewers With a TV Campaign Across 48 Networks

Simulmedia leveraged viewing data to create a custom target audience of likely viewers of the new limited series: who watched The Outsider, Doctor Sleep, IT, IT: Chapter Two, Pet Sematary, The Dark Tower, The Shining, Carrie, Shawshank Redemption, Silver Bullet, Cujo, Thinner, Christine and Stephen King Bio Special in the past 12 months or AMC, HBO or Syfy in the past 30 days and whose HH subscribes to Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix or Google Play.

Simulmedia then executed a data-focused campaign across 48 national linear TV networks over 5 days to efficiently maximize reach against the custom target and drive awareness of the series’ premiere on the streaming platform.

The Results

Simulmedia Drove Tune-In Awareness and Generated Desired Digital Outcomes

Simulmedia drove significant awareness to the custom target (2.1M viewers) and A25-54 demo (5.4M viewers), reaching 8.8% of the total Live+3 audience for the miniseries’ launch.

TV advertising case study bar chart showing impression delivery by network.

Through its Kochava integration, Simulmedia was also able to measure how people exposed to the campaign were engaging with the streaming service’s app by measuring installs, video starts and payment completions.

As a result, Simulmedia was able to attribute the following outcomes to this campaign: 7,344 app installs (44% total lift while campaign was live); 95,529 video starts; and 2,271 payment completions (31% total lift while campaign was live).

2.1 MTotal custom target reached
44 %Attributable total lift in app installs while campaign was live
8.8 %Total L+3 audience reached