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case study

Simulmedia Creates More Customers for Financial Services Innovator By Targeting Its Digital Audience On TV

Simulmedia Creates More Customers for Financial Services Innovator By Targeting Its Digital Audience On TV

The Challenge

Drive Significantly More Site Traffic Into the Company’s Digital Properties

The client in this case is a financial services company that has built its business online. It is disrupting the industry by giving customers a purely digital path to purchase, as opposed to relying on retail locations. The company has had some success acquiring customers through digital advertising, however, their TV advertising, which was based on a contextual buying strategy, was not generating enough traffic to the company’s digital properties. This was impeding the company’s growth.

The Solution

Custom Targeting to Reach More of the Right Audience

Custom Targeting

Using a custom target comprised of people who track investments or trade online—the same audience it was using for its digital advertising—Simulmedia’s advanced TV software created a reach-maximizing media plan that complemented the client’s contextual buy and reached more of the target audience across national TV.

Test, Learn and Optimize

Because the company was still relatively new and determining the right message and media mix, its overall spend was modest by TV standards. The campaign ran for about a year in small, low-cost bursts, allowing the brand to test, learn and optimize while minimizing risk.

The Results

More Reach Than The Competition

The Simulmedia campaign reached significantly more people both in the custom target and overall than one of the client’s biggest competitors. The client also reported significant increases in customer volume and has remained an active Simulmedia client ever since. This case study validates what marketers and academics have known for years: a key input to growth and winning share is maximizing audience reach.

69 %more audience reached than competitor campaign
42 %more cost efficient reach than client’s campaign average
37.3 Mtotal viewers reached during the campaign