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How Simulmedia Drove Incremental CTV Reach for a Financial Services Brand

How Simulmedia Drove Incremental CTV Reach for a Financial Services Brand

The Challenge

Finding Untapped Audiences on Connected TV

A leading financial services company with experience running linear TV advertising wanted to grow awareness and adoption of a free digital product that helps people improve their credit scores, targeting A18-54 with HHI under $100K likely to rent homes or buy cars.

The brand wanted to understand the distribution of viewership for its potential customers across the entire TV landscape to ensure it was maximizing the efficiency of its media buys. It was particularly important for the brand to understand if there were any untapped audiences that they hadn’t previously reached with their linear-only campaigns.

The Solution

Pinpointing Cost-Effective Impressions Across Premium CTV Inventory

Simulmedia used its Cross-Channel Insights platform to identify the client’s target on both CTV and linear, with an accurate sense of volume on each and overlap of audiences between the two.

Simulmedia’s access to premium CTV inventory across more than 20 publishers allowed it to pinpoint the most cost-effective impressions within our private marketplaces in order to boost overall reach and deliver incremental CTV-only audiences.

Simulmedia monitored and optimized the client’s cross-channel campaign targeting, providing unified reporting on the linear and CTV components in the Simulmedia Reporting Hub, all with greater transparency than available anywhere else.

The Results

Providing Unduplicated, Incremental Reach on CTV

Simulmedia drove incremental reach across streaming channels extremely efficiently: 86% of the audience reached by the CTV campaign were reached only on CTV. Less than 2% of exposed HHs were reached by both the linear and CTV campaigns.

TV advertising case study bar chart showing cross-channel measurement and unique audiences on CTV

With just 3% of the overall spend, the CTV campaign drove nearly 10% in incremental reach. Allocating a greater portion of future campaign budgets towards CTV will net exponentially greater results.

86 %Of the CTV campaign’s viewers reached that were CTV-only
10 %Incremental reach driven by CTV campaign
3 %Of the overall spend accounted for by the CTV campaign