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Addressable TV Advertising

What is addressable TV advertising?

Addressable TV advertising involves the use of new technologies to enable advertisers to show different ads to different households watching the same linear TV or connected TV (CTV) content. Specific ad messages can be sent to specific audience targets based on consumer traits and demographic information such as geographic location, income or behavioral attributes, to name a few examples. Addressable TV advertising allows for very specific strategizing and targeted tactics to yield what an advertiser can predict as the best likelihood of the highest conversion rate.

Advertisers can look to data providers and panel-based research, such as that provided by the Nielsen TV audience measurement Ratings system, to understand customer sentiment. These data providers can track factors that directly affect the advertiser’s bottom line, such as engagement with an ad – i.e. whether they opt out or watch the ad to completion – and depth of engagement – i.e. if they go to then lookup the product on a search engine, click on the product page, and click through to purchase. A company usually hires a TV buying platform or DSP to gather these reports and report back on the success of a campaign, or to predict a campaign’s outcome based on past data.

All in all, the emergence of addressable TV advertising has allowed advertisers to gain real-time, granular insight into campaign performance, and to even tweak campaign targets midway through, allowing for opportunity to pivot and optimize to improve outcomes.

Our media measurement solutions

Simulmedia is a cross channel TV advertising solution that can place ads tailored to specific households from segmented target audiences – one of few TV buying platforms who do so. While traditional advertising may target based on the programming, prioritizing your target audience allows the brand to focus on maximizing their reach regardless of context. With emphasis on the ‘who’ in the equation, brands can ensure they don’t leave any potential customer behind.The footprint of addressable TV advertising is 60% of the size of linear TV. We specialize in both non-addressable linear and addressable CTV advertising.

Through our TV+® platform for cross-channel TV planning and buying, we have direct integrations to over 250 linear and CTV networks and publishers. Our partnerships include over a dozen data providers that power data-driven TV viewership data, audience planning, segmentation and targeting, and cross-channel consumer behavior. Together, the dual benefit of a broad network reach and granular audience targeting, tracking and measuring ensures a combined addressable CTV and non-addressable linear TV advertising experience that makes the most of any ad budget.