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From Grilling to the Great Outdoors: Streaming into Summer With CTV Advertising

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities, and as a result, it's also the perfect time for brands, products, and services that are relevant to the summer to use connected TV (CTV) advertising to reach audiences and generate sales. CTV advertising is becoming increasingly popular and effective as more and more people are cutting the cord and switching to streaming services. This type of advertising allows brands to reach their target audience through streaming services such as Hulu, Peacock, HBO Max and Paramount+, enabling them to deliver their message to a specific audience.

In this blog post, we'll discuss how brands, products, and services that are relevant to the summer can use CTV advertising to reach audiences and generate sales. We'll also include statistics and sources about the popularity of summer products and activities and explain how CTV advertising can help these summer-related advertisers.

The Popularity of Summer Products and Activities

Summer is the peak season for a variety of products and activities, and it's important for brands to capitalize on this time of year. For example, six out of 10 Americans own a BBQ grill and grill sales have creased by 19% over the past six years to reach over $6.1 billion in annual sales, per Retail Tracking Service data from The NPD Group. Additionally, camping, hiking, and RVing are also popular summer activities, with camping equipment sales now surpassing $7.2 billion each year. Water activities such as swimming, boating, and fishing are also popular in the summer with sales reaching over $2.2 billion annually.

Other popular summer-related advertisers include outdoor furniture, such as patio sets and umbrellas, outdoor clothing and accessories, bicycles, and outdoor activities such as golfing and kayaking. Moreover, summer vacation and travel, particularly beach destinations, also see a significant spike in demand and spending during this season. With the right CTV advertising strategy, brands in these industries can reach their target audience and generate sales during the peak summer season.

Everyone Is Watching Streaming and CTV

Streaming is now the single most popular channel for TV consumption in the U.S., according to Nielsen, attracting more viewers than not only traditional broadcast and cable, but also more time spent than social media, gaming and music. And when it comes to advertising, adults in the U.S. pay more attention to streaming TV than another media channel, eMarketer found, thanks to the full-screen presentation, immersive experiences and non-skippable ad formats.

The Benefits of CTV Advertising for Summer-Related Brands, Products, and Services

One of the main benefits of CTV advertising for summer-related brands, products, and services is the ability to reach a specific audience. With CTV advertising, brands can target their ads to specific demographics, such as age, gender, and location. This allows brands to reach the people who are most likely to be interested in their products and services. Additionally, CTV advertising allows brands to reach a large audience with high-quality video ads, which can be more effective than traditional TV ads.

In addition, while online advertising can be targeted to specific demographics, it's limited to people who are actively browsing digital or social platforms. Plus, ad-blocking software has become increasingly popular among consumers, which can make online advertising less effective. CTV advertising, on the other hand, reaches viewers who are watching streaming services as well as the streaming apps associated with linear networks, making it a more effective way to reach potential customers.

With that said, streaming and CTV advertising can be a cost-effective complement to a marketer's existing online, social, or digital advertising strategy. By using a multichannel approach, marketers can reach potential customers through a variety of platforms, increasing the chances of their message being seen. Additionally, CTV advertising can provide measurable results, allowing advertisers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and adjust them as needed, making the most of their advertising budget.

Maximizing the Potential of CTV Advertising for Summer Brands, Products, and Services

When it comes to advertising summer-related brands, products, and services, CTV advertising offers a wide range of benefits for advertisers. Advanced-targeting options, as previously mentioned, allow brands to reach specific demographics, such as age, gender, and location. High-quality video ads allow brands to showcase their products in an engaging and visually appealing way. Interactive ads allow brands to create a more immersive and memorable experience for their audience.

Additionally, CTV advertising allows advertisers to track and measure the performance of their ads in real-time, so they can adjust their campaigns accordingly and make data-driven decisions. Another aspect of CTV advertising that could be beneficial for summer-related advertisers is the ability to retarget viewers who have previously engaged with their ads, this can help to improve brand recall and increase the chances of conversion.

When it comes to return on investment, streaming TV delivers a 30% higher ROI than all other marketing channels, including digital video, digital display, paid search and social, according to Analytics Partners. Streaming and CTV advertising can also provide a more premium, safe environment for brands, which can help build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Simulmedia’s Unique CTV Advertising Solution for Marketers

Simulmedia’s TV+© is the only streaming TV advertising platform designed to prioritize an advertiser’s needs. Here’s how we can help marketers of summer products and services create campaigns that reach your audience:

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  • We provide more granular measurement of the KPIs that matter to you than you’ve ever enjoyed before while our dedicated Simulmedia team optimizes your campaign for continuous improvement throughout your flight.

Leveraging CTV Advertising to Drive Sales for Summer

In conclusion, summer is the perfect time for outdoor activities, and as a result, it's also the perfect time for brands, products, and services that are relevant to the summer to use CTV advertising to reach audiences and generate sales. CTV advertising allows brands to reach a specific audience through streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. With the ability to target specific demographics, use high-quality video ads, create interactive ads, and partner with popular streaming services, CTV advertising can help summer-related advertisers reach audiences and generate sales. By implementing these strategies, summer-related brands, products, and services can make the most of the summer season and drive sales for their business.

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