Impact Online Sales for e‑Commerce Company

The Challenge

An e-commerce company wanted to determine the difference in its TV advertising’s performance between a quarter when it ran with Simulmedia versus a quarter when it did not. It also wanted to tease out the difference of Simulmedia’s campaign compared to its traditional media buy.

The Simulmedia Solution

  • Custom Target

    Execute a quarter long campaign, designed to efficiently reach the client’s custom target of heavy internet users and small business owners.

  • Data Matching

    Match client’s first-party CRM data to TV viewing data in order to prove both TV’s impact on online activity, and Simulmedia’s effect on the client’s business.

The Results

  • 38%

    The quarter with Simulmedia on the plan had a 38% lower Cost per Thousand Reached compared to the quarter without Simulmedia.

  • 11%

    The quarter with Simulmedia on the plan had an 11% higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) compared to the quarter without Simulmedia.

  • 55%

    The campaign was 55% more efficient at driving incremental site visitors and 13% more efficient at driving incremental purchasers than the quarter without Simulmedia.

Future Optimization

Simulmedia analyzed the campaign’s performance against every audience reached, beyond just the guaranteed custom target, to further optimize future campaigns.

  • Image alt text 1

    The client’s custom target was top 5 in ROAS performance when compared against other defined targets of interest. The client could improve the campaign’s overall ROAS by expanding the target to include more responsive segments.

  • Image alt text 2

    Household income was a key variable in campaign responsiveness. Optimizing towards higher income individuals could improve the overall campaign’s ROAS.

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