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A Digital Approach to TV

Make your ad spend more efficient by combining the flexibility and precise targeting of digital with the scale and prestige of TV.

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Impact you can prove

Every ad needs to drive measurable results for your business. Test, learn and optimize with us to accelerate your business goals.

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Zeroing In On Your Audience

Create custom audiences from website visitors, or third party data sets. As conversions happen on your website Simulmedia gets better at delivering ads to people more likely to take action.

Results Oriented

Simulmedia goes beyond the standard network and daypart rotators and zero in on the spots that will drive the best conversions. Been on TV before? Simulmedia can analyze past TV campaigns and improve results immediately.

Fast Testing and Optimization

Simulmedia ties exposure to action, reporting on the business metrics you care about in Simulmedia's performance dashboard. Simulmedia will test variables like creative and spot length, and then optimize fast to ensure CPVs and CPIs continually improve.

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Build Your Brand

Separate your brand from the pack

If you’re looking for long term, durable growth, Simulmedia will help you reach more potential customers while building long lasting brand awareness.

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Guaranteed Audience Delivery

No matter your audience, Simulmedia guarantees you’ll reach them. That's because your plan will go beyond standard network and daypart rotators to zero in on the spots that will maximize audience reach. Been on TV before? Simulmedia can analyze past TV campaigns and improve results immediately.

More Reach for More Scale

Simulmedia reaches over 120 million households through direct partnerships with 110+ national TV networks.

Competitive Insights to Gain Market Share

Gain competitive advantage by knowing what your competitors are doing and who they’re reaching. Simulmedia's platform will help you turn these insights into action.

Zeroing In On Your Audience

Create custom audiences based on third or first party data, including website visitors and app users. Simulmedia's platform learns and optimizes based on what drives the best results for your brand.

Matt Myers

Head of Customer Acquisition

When we turn on TV, we see huge jumps in our daily numbers at all stages of the funnel, and it’s attributable.

Greg Fitzgerald

Former Director of Performance Marketing

Simulmedia helped us run several test TV campaigns for far less budget than what other companies have cited as the ‘minimum spend’, and we've been able to get a clearer read on the true impact of that spend by using spot-level data analysis.

Sam Bloom


Simulmedia gives Camelot the speed we expect from digital and the scale we need from TV, making our buys faster, more effective and more measurable.

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