TV and Digital Convergence: The New Golden Age

Television, the advertising workhorse for mass marketers for decades, is today going through a significant digital and data-driven transformation.

In spite of growing competition from digital media, TV still works for the marketer – delivering large, attractive audiences quickly at scale, and generating real sales and brand-driving impact. However, the increasing fragmentation of TV’s audiences across its hundreds of networks, tens of thousands of programs and viewer-controlled day-parts is now undermining some of its efficiency, primarily because television networks have been extraordinarily slow in adopting new methods in how they package, sell and measure their advertising.

For Chief Marketing Officers looking to justify their TV investment to their CEOs, the proof has historically been directional at best. TV’s predictability and measurement capabilities have never been on par with digital. Fortunately, however, change is now coming quickly to TV advertising. Data and accountability are finding their way into TV’s vocabulary, making this the new TV advertising Golden Age for the empirical marketer. Check out how we see the TV/Video advertising market evolving in the coming years.


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