How Simulmedia Helps Advertisers Reach Sports Fans to Drive Scaled Performance Without Live Sports

Sports Canceled Through 2021?

As the pandemic continues to change the landscape of our future, the possibility of live sports in 2020 is diminishing. We developed this whitepaper in response to illustrate that sports viewers are still watching TV, in fact, more of it. Simulmedia finds sports viewers in absence of live sports for a fraction of the cost. Download our case study to learn how we rebuilt media plans after the NCAA Basketball Final Four cancellation, how we targeted Kentucky Derby audiences with effeciency and how you can make the best out of your playbook with Simulmedia.

Table of Contents
• What Are Sports Viewers Watching When They Aren’t Watching Sports
• Client Perspective: Why an Agency Trusted Simulmedia to Rebuild Their TV Media Plans After The Final Four’s Cancellation
• How Simulmedia Can Reach MoreSports Fans At A Lower Cost—Even Without Live Sports
• Right people, Right place, Right time: Why Technology is Essential for Navigating the TV Ad Market
• About Simulmedia

Simulmedia buying vs buying expesnive derby spots before race.
Excerpt from the whitepaper

Interested? Download the full white paper.