Mobile Gaming Company Increases Acquisition and Monetization

The Challenge

After running digital-centric campaigns for years, this mobile gaming company had run out of room to scale. Looking for additional ways to reach both new and existing customers, and to get those customers to monetize at a higher rate, they turned to Simulmedia.

The Simulmedia Solution

  • Custom Targeting

    We used our advanced TV software to match the client’s first-party customer data with our nationally representative viewing panel to create a custom target audience.

  • Data-Optimized Delivery

    We developed a detailed forecast of the programs their existing customers were predicted to watch during the campaign, fueling a reach-maximizing media plan that called for advertising on 53 networks.

The Results

  • 4.6X

    higher acquisition rate for new users

  • 4.1X

    higher winback rate for user who hadn't played in 2-4 weeks

  • 17M

    people in the target audience reached

Better Targeting. Better Results.

The campaign reached almost 17M people in the target audience and resulted in demonstrable lift for account creation, login frequency, and in-game monetization. Notably, those exposed to the ad not only monetized at a higher rate, they spent more money on in-game purchases, as well.

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